Interoot Wagon Wheels Original Biscuit, 6 Biscuits:Interoot
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Wagon Wheels Original Biscuit, 6 Biscuits:Interoot

Wagon Wheels
Wagon Wheels Published in October 17, 2018, 5:20 pm
 Wagon Wheels Original Biscuit, 6 Biscuits:Interoot

Wagon Wheels Original Biscuit, 6 Biscuits:Interoot

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giki Reply to on 25 October 2016
Not as big as they used to be, not by a long shot. the diameter is little more than a standard digestive biscuit. It is not the done thing these days, to stuff your kids full of big slabs of chocolate and mallowy biscuit, and these are a much more moderate sized treat than the ones I remember from my youth.They still taste great though. It's the chocolate coated biscuit that stays glued to the sticky mallow as it cracks and crumbles that always gets me with wagon wheels. This is not the light fluffy mallow of a chocolate teacake, it is a thick gloopy glue that hangs on tight to its biscuit neighbour. Heavenly.
Ian Reply to on 4 October 2016
I ate them all at once. I'm buying more and am definitely not sharing.
Stevo871 Reply to on 4 October 2017
These are a really good snack. I would give it 5 stars but I'm not entirely sure what it's coated with. It says it's a 'chocolate flavour coating'. Could you imagine how amazing they would be with real chocolate?
The filling of these is just marshmallow between the two layers of soft biscuit. A jammy version is also available!
Carole Cash
Carole Cash Reply to on 26 March 2018
They're Wagon Wheels. Who doesn't love a Wagon Wheel?
Wadawick Reply to on 24 November 2017
Great snacks! Still taste like in 1970's. Remember the cowboy and covered wagon that used to be on the packets?
Alan Reply to on 31 October 2017
Love these reminds me of when I was just kid but I'm sure they have shrunk or maybe I have got bigger🤔
Andrea Hughes
Andrea Hughes Reply to on 10 July 2018
Really a TOP quality product. Very very pleased
Lily R. A
Lily R. A Reply to on 2 December 2016
Classic. Hubby loves it. Individually wrapped which is a big plus as I can put it in packed lunches and not worry about the rest of the pack going stale.
movamental Reply to on 6 June 2018
School tuck shop fair, cannot go wrong.
tracy castle
tracy castle Reply to on 1 June 2018
Arrived o. Time and not squahed
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