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The Silent Companions A Zoe Ball ITV Book Club pick:Interoot

Laura Purcell
Laura Purcell Published in September 25, 2018, 7:57 am
 The Silent Companions A Zoe Ball ITV Book Club pick:Interoot

The Silent Companions A Zoe Ball ITV Book Club pick:Interoot


Umut Rados
Umut Rados Reply to on 23 January 2018
THE SILENT COMPANIONS by Laura Purcell is a very good 'spooky' Victorian novel as she calls it.
I really loved this book, as it's very successful at pulling you in to a very eerie world done in a very intense style that it sends shivers down your spine. Tension builds slowly as you go through the chapters reaching to a point that I literally felt scared sitting at the edge of my seat. The story telling is very vivid and dynamic. Main character Elsie is interesting. The writing is beautiful and it flows very smoothly.
I was very curious about the ending, and I think it was unpredictable. However, I didn't feel satisfied with it. For me, it was still not clear, and open-ended. I'm not a fan of open-ended finales. Another criticism I have for the book is we didn't learn enough about the background of some characters, why they are doing what they are doing.
Other than that, I think it's a great historical 'ghost' story fitting very well into a cozy winter night. Make sure you're not alone at home though ;)
If you like Shirley Jackson or Susan Hill, this is a similar style. So, you may want to consider exploring these authors as well if you haven't already. I also want to mention I listened this book on Audible, and I found the performance great. I would definitely recommend.
Apparently, authors's next Victorian novel 'The Corset' is coming in October 2018, and it will be a great read well suited for Halloween time!
Hippybaby Reply to on 14 August 2018
This was a book I came across by chance, purchased it for my holiday - not my usual kind of read but thought it sounded ok. Started to read it on the plane and by the time I reached my destination I couldn't wait to get on the beach and read some more. I did guess the ending but not until nearly there and I must say it was not only interesting to learn about such silent companions (which I certainly didn't realise existed) but also very well written. A page turner and I will look out for more of her books as they go to print.
LouiseLouise Reply to on 25 August 2018
This is a great read! The story is meant to be told by the protagonist who is encouraged to write in the third person the story of how she came to be in a mental asylum. The story flits between the first and third person until events come together for a devastating conclusion. The supernatural elements for me were made more disturbing giving the protagonist's state of mind, it leaves you wondering what is real and what's not with both options having their own consequences. Very chilling and further backs up my theory that you should never buy weird things from weird little shops!
YorkshireT Reply to on 22 December 2017
I haven't had time to finish reading it yet, but it's brilliant so far and not possible to predict the plot. I like how it keeps going back in time to explain the future, but only gives enough away to maintain interest and makes you keep going back to read more.
Mrs. A. O'Neill
Mrs. A. O'Neill Reply to on 30 August 2018
I bought the kindle edition as a last minute purchase for my holiday after it popped up in an email as a suggestion & I’m so glad that I did ! It gripped me from the start and is extremely well written - the author had obviously done her research.
You get immersed in the different eras - the 1600s & 1800s and can almost see & smell everything about those times. I
had never heard of ‘silent companions’ before & they certainly formed the base of an exceptional novel. I definitely will be reading more of her work
annie Reply to on 9 August 2018
I saw the book being reviewed on Zoe Balls book club.It was given a really good rating.!!I ordered it .True to there word it is a book you which started I was completely captivated.Excellent read.
Judy Laycock
Judy Laycock Reply to on 4 August 2018
This is very different from what I normally choose to read and I did enjoy it. It was certainly creepy. A very original story.
Alison Reply to on 1 August 2018
Completely captivating. .. read this book after watching it on zoe balls its book club show. A definite page turner for sure!
Denise Howard
Denise Howard Reply to on 23 June 2018
I did enjoy the book and I really felt pursued to find out the ending, but the ending for me was quite predictable, which was a bit of a disappointment. But the book was for the story's atmosphere good and there was some chills and creeps at times.
Mrs. G. A. Chesney-Green
Mrs. G. A. Chesney-Green Reply to on 6 July 2018
What a wonderful and masterful piece of work! The sense of claustrophobia and fear builds inexorably as the book progresses. The horror of Elsie’s situation goes up to the very last word of the book....and so beyond.
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