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Reveal Robbie Williams:Interoot

Chris Heath
Chris Heath Published in October 17, 2018, 5:19 pm
 Reveal Robbie Williams:Interoot

Reveal Robbie Williams:Interoot


Jules Reply to on 1 January 2018
Reveal is a funny book that certainly opens the mystery behind the mega pop star through some very frank accounts of personal details and stories behind the music.

This book is written in collaboration between Robbie and Chris Heath, so if you liked his first memoir book 'Feel' then you will really enjoy this. However, much time has passed since that first book (6 Albums I think) so there is a lot of new material to talk about. In fact it was his story on the Graham Norton Show about Geri Halliwell and sneaking her out of his house in a holdall bag over his shoulder that made me think this book would be a great read, and it is!

The book certainly covers the highs and lows of his career and Chris Heath does manage to write as close to a personal account as a writer can to his subject, although I can't help wishing that Robbie had written it all himself. However, this doesn't take away too much from the book.

Overall, it is a quite a roller coaster ride that is funny, sometimes sad and very intimate. It's a great pickup and read for fans and anyone who enjoys memoirs.

I hope you found this review helpful.
Claire G
Claire G Reply to on 16 October 2017
Treated myself to Robbie for this year's holiday book. After seeing him constantly promoting the book, how could I not pre order it. I was a huge fan in the 90's and his early solo stuff, but wouldnt consider myself a dedicated fan.
I was interested in reading his book to hear about his life as a husband and a father, he's a changed man.
It is actually a much better read then expected. Found it hard to put it down on holiday.
I believe it to be an honest And very open account of the himself, in all aspects of the good, and the bad. The troubled younger Robbie and the Rob that allowed himself to have a happy ending.
Annie Reply to on 19 December 2017
Seriously annoying format which built up my frustration throughout the book. What a thoroughly boring life Robbie leads. No real insights other than confirmation of the fact that Robbie really is just a narcissistic, vacuous, insecure individual who needs someone to tie his shoelaces for him.
Kentish man
Kentish man Reply to on 25 September 2017
Did little else over the past few days than read this just released biography of Robbie Williams written by Chris Heath in collaboration with the star himself.

It is a follow up to the excellent 'Feel' Biography which catalogued the years to 2004.

Feel was an insightful and well written biography and one I have re read several times. I am generally not one for autobiography's / biography's but RW and his story has always fascinated me . It is the essential dare I say 'manic' nature of him, his life, anecdotes , loves and hates that is so intriguing.

So this book - 'Reveal' - well it does what it says on the tin - continues where 'Feel' left off. It does so seamlessly and equally as enjoyably.

It doesn't not set out to impress, ingratiate - it just gives you a warts and all insight to stardom .

How RW tries to deal with it all- forgiveness ( of others and perhaps a little of himself) and the endless grind of being a star .

How everything he says or does or does not do is reported and often twisted by the media - particularly in the UK. Finding love, becoming a father, the ups and downs of musical success, the 'hokey cokey' with Take That and everything else that pops into his head is all revealed with startling honesty. Some of it not for the faint hearted.

Why can't we as a nation celebrate success? Like or dislike his music or his persona, sadly no one more than RW appears to think that he deserves success less.

I am a music fan - I am very happy to say that RW has been a part of the tapestry of my life (Now 50) and a part of the music spectrum that I enjoy - some of it speaks to me - from 'Please don't die' via 'Arizona' , Road to Mandalay to 'Di**khead'. Some of it is serious , some sad, some ridiculous and that is how it is meant to be.

I think we should be proud of our British lad, celebrate his talent, honesty and humour and look forward with him to future adventures culminating I hope in the next biography, written with Chris , at some point down that path.

If you never try you can never fail. Keep on trying RW, I for one will be cheering him on.
Mrs. K. A. Wheatley
Mrs. K. A. Wheatley Reply to on 7 January 2018
I bought this after hearing so many people, many of whom are not particularly fans of Robbie Williams, raving about this book and how good it was. I used to be a big fan of Robbie's, but stopped listening to him around the time of the release of Rudebox. I've never disliked him, I just stopped listening to his music. Reading this sent me back to listen to his last two albums, both of which I enjoyed, and also made me think rather kindly of the man himself. This is frank, truly revealing and written so well that you just power through it. I absolutely loved this book. I'm going to hunt out more books by Chris Heath, including the earlier book about Robbie now.
Keggsy Reply to on 9 January 2018
Every chapter seems the same as the previous. A long, drawn out repetition of how Robbie gets nervous and unsure.
jacky pearce
jacky pearce Reply to on 2 February 2018
I am a fan of Robby however, I am finding this book boring and probably wont finish it!!
This is a first for me as I usually hang on in there, 1/2 way through
The honesty and detail is brutal and humbling and I admire him for that but I need something to make me turn the pages and its not happening. Really disappointed. Is it the style of writing I dont know Perhaps its me?
I liked all his other books - Sorry
alexander Reply to on 10 October 2017
Really loved it. A fantastic follow up to Chris Heath’s ‘Feel’. It gives a great insight into the life (and mind) of Robbie; and is genuinely hard to put down. Excellent stuff!
Mrs A
Mrs A Reply to on 6 April 2018
A very revealing book, if you’ll pardon the pun! Sometimes funny, sometimes very sad. I’m sure a lot of us us, whether famous or not, could draw parallels with the feelings and emotions that Rob feels, all of which are expressed in this latest book, especially those of us who also do not have an off switch, or a think before you speak switch!
Hilly80 Reply to on 28 August 2018
I love Robbie Williams and was really looking forward to reading this book on holiday. It’s a very honest account of Robbie’s life and the things he’s been up to. However, I don’t feel like it tells you anything new. At times I found it quite hard going.
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